Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Sensory Idea's!

This is the time of year that is my favorite. Not because it is winter and I love the snow and the cold, but because most of my kids at this point have just got it! We have more than been settled into a routine and they play ( most of the time ) well with others and can move from center to center without having issues! Here are a few pictures of my February sensory tub and activities mats I have created for my class to use the whole month! I hope you enjoy the freebies and have a fantastic February teaching!! 

I made a record sheet you can have your child use while playing in the sensory bin and your get the PDF SENSORY BIN PDF



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Classroom Management

The school year is almost here!! I have been asked if I would share how I handle center management, helpers and Daily Schedule, so here are a few pictures and a link to the management cards I use FREE :)  There is editable options on these cards.

This is how they all three are in my room... We have to have them at eye level for children so they are on the backs of shelves as you first walk into my room.

This is Helper's Chart. I use Velcro dots and little square pictures of the students faces for the management part. 

Our Daily Schedule in pictures. I draw the time these events happen on the clock with a sharpie.

This is my Center Management. The stars on the center signs show how many children can be in the center at a time and the clips have their name on them and they move them as they move centers.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Training Videos

Here are the training videos that I have made so far for how to create products for your classroom  and TPT. I am putting them here so that they can all be in one place and not get lost in the discussion on the Facebook Group :) As I add videos to the group I will add them here as well.
Happy Learning! 

How to find FREE clip art on TPT

How to install a font in Windows

Creating Number Posters

How to save your PowerPoint as a PDF

Open Office Page orientation and adding a text box

Creating a Handwriting Worksheet 

How to follow someone on TPT and leave feedback for products

Sunday, September 21, 2014

*NO Prep* September Learning Skills Packet

This SUPER September Learning Skills Pack is full of amazing resources! These reinforcement skill worksheets can be used as morning work, homework, or individual center practice for your students. There are 25 pages of fall themed learning fun! Each page offers a place for your students to highlight the day they are working on and have interactive and creative fun while learning. Each page offers fall themed practice skills and focus reinforcement.

Skills covered in this packet:

Beginning Letter Sounds
Tally Marks
Handwriting Practice
What is Missing?
Group Counting
Letter Matching
Ten’s Frame
Life Cycles

Click here for your FREE September Learning Skills  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014